Jafco: Being the best every time

Today marks a milestone in the history of Jafco Foods.

You see it right in front of you: a new website – friendly, bright and accessible just like us.

This piece also signifies the beginning of the Jafco blog, a space where we will cover topics of relevance to you. Here we will answer your questions about the wholesale food distribution industry, direct you toward useful resources, and help you stay on top of market trends. We have countless insights to share.

Jafco Foods offers an unbeatable value proposition. Our diverse range of quality products, our unmatched customer service, and our strategic supply chain and logistics solutions have made us a leading wholesale food distributor. We know how to deliver dramatic cost savings. We know how to make customers happy.

  • Are you looking for center of the plate proteins, appetizers, side dishes or desserts? Jafco Foods has got it all.
  • Do you need to cut costs but question how to remain committed to quality products? Jafco Foods is your answer.
  • Have you been searching for an efficient online ordering system? Jafco Foods will introduce you to Advantage.
  • Do you want to work with team members so committed to their jobs it is as if they owned the company? Jafco Foods welcomes you.
  • Do you prefer to do business with a distributor in charge of its own logistics company? Of course, you do.

The founder of Jafco Foods, John Ferro, gained his appreciation for exceptional customer service as a young boy, working at his father’s grocery store in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The humble beginnings of Jafco Foods in 1985 saw the inside of a garage. John brought to his new venture a desk purchased at a yard sale and an unwavering belief in being the best every time. His son, Matthew Ferro, joined in 1995 and took over as president nine years later. The company grew, fueled as always by our dedication to service, quality, and maximizing value.

We now serve such diverse markets as broad line food service distributors, food management companies, colleges and universities, K-12 schools, business and industry, healthcare and hospital facilities, caterers, casinos, sports venues, and end users.

Our success can be counted in numbers. We represent 150 manufacturers and carry 300 national brand- as well as custom products. For our customers, numbers matter too. Although we expect to hear results like this, it still makes our day:

“I’ve been using Jafco for six months and I have lowered my overall food cost in my operation 4 to 5 percentage points.”

Next week we’ll discuss the ins and outs of reducing food acquisition costs. It is, after all, what we do best. Please join us.